Wisconsin Child & Adult Care
Food Program Resources

Find information to promote wellness for the children in your care. Connect to websites designed to help you make the most of your child care business.

The Wisconsin Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Sponsors Forum supports child care providers to continue to give quality care to children. Check out the resources on this page for Food Program and business information. Read up on the latest ideas for increasing physical activity and making meals count with nutritious foods that children will enjoy. Instilling healthy eating habits at a young age will help children develop healthy eating patterns for life. Spread the word by sharing these resources with parents!

Wellness Resources


Nutrition & Wellness Tips for Young Children (New!)

Provider Handbook for the Child and Adult Care Food Program


Child Care Wellness Grant Guide book: (New!)

Active Early - A Guide for Improving Childhood Physical Activity.


Child Care Wellness Grant Guide book: (New!)

Healthy Bites - A Guide for Improving Childhood Nutrition.


DPI Child Care Wellness Grant


SNAP Resource Library


Wisconsin Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan


Obesity Prevention


Helping Kids Eat Right and Stay Active


Physical Activity


Webcast 1: Why Wellness

An Overview of the Childhood Obesity Epidemic and Prevention Strategies


Webcast 2: Introduction to Active Early / Healthy Bites

Wisconsin guides for improving childhood physical activity and nutrition


Webcast 3: Active Early

Developing and Implementing Physical Activity Policies (Best Practices)


Webcast 4: Healthy Bites

Developing and Implementing Nutrition Policies (Best Practices)

CACFP Resources


Wisconsin DPI CACFP Information


USDA Information on the CACFP


Infant Feeding


Meal Pattern Requirements


USDA Resource Library for Child Care Providers

Parent Resources


Family Checklist for Nutrition


Child Care Resource and Referral


Breastfeeding Helpline


Women, Infants and Children

Business Resources


YoungStar Ratings


Recordkeeping for Taxes


Licensing and Background Checks


Purchasing Consortium


Contact Your Certifier

Nutrition and Recipe Resources


CACFP Menu Plans and Recipes


USDA Choose My Plate


2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans


USDA Recipes for Childcare




Garden-Themed Nutrition Education Kit


Recipes for Cooking with Preschoolers


Produce for Better Health

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Reimbursement Rates


Get reimbursed for providing nutritious meals! If you are serving breakfast, lunch, and a snack to just six children for 21 care days during a month you can be reimbursed between $3,084 and $6,592 per year.

Learn about reimbursement and how it works.

CACFP Meal Patterns Requirements


Serving meals that meet the CACFP requirements is easy! Check out these guides:

Meal Patterns for Infants and Children

Reimbursement Rates


The two rates for food program reimbursement are Tier I and Tier II.

Tier I day care homes are those that are located in low-income areas, or those in which the provider's household income is low enough to qualify. Tier II homes are those family day care homes which do not meet the location or provider income criteria for a tier I home. The provider in a tier II home may elect to have the sponsoring organization identify income-eligible children, so that meals served to those children who qualify for free and reduced price meals would be reimbursed at the higher tier I rates.

Maximum Household Income
to Qualify for Tier I

Household Size

Monthly Income

















  • Each additional household member is $611


Reimbursement Rates
2012 - 2013

Tier I

Tier II